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Conference hotel room blocks at a glance

Location, location, location! Make sure it’s easy to get to the conference from the hotel. Be sure to think about the amenities and services your group will need. Understand how the rooms will be booked and paid for. Skipper makes the whole process completely seamless. Finding the right hotel … Read More

Wedding Room Blocks

Your wedding guests can book hotel rooms at lower pre­-negotiated rates, sometimes with extra amenities and concessions. Courtesy room blocks are usually best for weddings, as there’s no fee for unfilled rooms. Guaranteed room blocks require a financial commitment to book a percentage of the rooms, and sometimes also … Read More

Room Block Types: courtesy vs. guaranteed

There are two types of room blocks: courtesy and guaranteed. A courtesy room block affords you and your guests the most flexibility. There’s no required financial commitment to book enough rooms, or penalty if you don’t. Generally, the only restriction included in the terms is a cutoff date, or the date until … Read More