Wedding Room Blocks

  • Your wedding guests can book hotel rooms at lower pre­-negotiated rates, sometimes with extra amenities and concessions.
  • Courtesy room blocks are usually best for weddings, as there’s no fee for unfilled rooms.
  • Guaranteed room blocks require a financial commitment to book a percentage of the rooms, and sometimes also require a deposit to secure the room block.
  • The booking agreement locks in the negotiated room rates, terms, and any included concessions.
  • Organizing a room block can be time-consuming. Skipper makes it easier for you, plus it’s free!

Wedding room block basics

There are a few important points to understand when arranging for a room block.

In order to reserve group hotel accommodations for your guests, you typically need to request nine rooms or more (but if it’s a courtesy block, you don’t need to guarantee that you’ll fill all of them; more on that later). All individual guests are responsible for paying and reserving their own rooms.

The hotel will usually release any unused rooms within 30 days prior to arrival (this is known as the cutoff date) with no penalty.

Please note that wedding room blocks don’t usually require any prepayment (but sometimes they will, especially if you are guaranteeing rooms or looking in a destination wedding location).

Why arrange for a wedding room block?

A little courtesy for your out­-of-­town guests goes a long way.

Your loved ones have come from far and wide to be a part of your big day. Needless to say, they’ll need a place to sleep! If you have enough wedding guests who need a hotel, there’s an opportunity to get them lower group rates at a nearby hotel or two.

They’ll be very grateful, and it will be one less thing for everyone to worry about. Wedding room blocks are also a great way to get additional perks from hotels.

Some hotels will offer free shuttle service to your venue or even a complimentary honeymoon suite if your guests book a lot of rooms. Just be sure to arrange your group reservation well ahead of time­­, especially if your wedding is happening over a busy period (holidays, summer, other local events, etc).

Selecting hotels with Skipper Score

There are a number of factors that affect what makes a hotel a good fit. By inputting your event details, Skipper Score takes into consideration your preferences, expert reviews, and guest experiences to recommend hotels that meet the needs of you and your guests.

Long gone are the days of researching hotels that offer shuttle service and hotels that are the closest to your wedding venue. Skipper Score easily finds the perfect hotel for your group.

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